Monday, April 1, 2013

Gender Reveal Shower

The Gender Reveal Cake

In December, I hosted a gender reveal shower.  This event was an exciting time for the expectant parents as they waited to find out the gender of their little one! To start the fun, invitations were sent to the family and friends asking all guest to arrive to the shower showing their support for Team Blue or Team Pink! The guest took part in the fun as they arrived to the shower showing their support for Team Blue or Team Pink! Many of the guest arrived wearing Blue and a few wearing Pink! Team Blue was strong in numbers, even the parents-to-be wore Blue. The father-to-be was determined the new baby would be a boy, since his family had only given birth to boys for many generations.  In the end it was Team Pink, with the big reveal of the cutting of the cake! In January, the couple welcomed their beautiful little daughter into the family!

The expectant parent supported Team Blue!
Team Pink refreshments!

Team Blue refreshments!
Blue Punch and Pink Lemonade

Blue table decorations!
Team Pink table decorations!
Pink, Blue, and White decorations!
Team Pink or Team Blue
Cake table
Game "Taste It!"  baby food game
"The Dirty Diaper" game! AKA candy bars!
Game -What do the Old Wives Tales say...will it be a Boy or Girl!
Diaper Cake with Blue Elephant!
Gift table
The big reveal ... Team Pink!

The baby's Aunt shows her support for Team Pink!

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